Founders and friends


Becoming legends in racing

Involves not only building up the team based on experienced personnel but also very much working with drivers that are interested in developing their skills and careers in endurance racing.

The road to success not only sets a clear target for each member of the team but also associates SPV Racing and its partners with the ultimate motorsport challenge. LeMans 24H is one of the largest sports events in the world with 263 500 spectators in 2015 and millions following it around the globe. The LeMans brand is after F1 the most recognized brand, but that is all about to change with entering the Esport arena.

Raul Garcia


Born with a passion for racing in Barcelona and working with cars ever since. After my journey working in different series such as Formula 3, Formula BMW and the World series by Renault., I moved to Malaga in 2007 to the Ascari resort. The longest track in Spain and one of the most spectacular in the world, responsible for the entire fleet. Where dreams comes true they used to say. Well it seems to work out for me as I started as a mechanic to become an engineer and working for Formula 1.

On this path I joined forces with Lars Lindberg whom I together with created SPV Racing bringing the company to another level challenging the first year in the Nascar Wheelen Series. We debuted on the Le Mans Series at the infamous SPA circuit. Followed up by competing in the Michelin Le Mans Cup 2017 together with Alvaro Fontes as our main driver achieving the only pole position of the season in our yellow colored brand Ligier.

Lars GV Lindberg

Team Manager SPV

Taken on a new challenge…. after being part of taking a company to Nasdaq First North in Sweden I’m now part of a team that is heading for LeMans 24H, SPV Racing where I together with Raul Garcia will manage the team.

I’m taking on the Team Manager role and you will be seeing me on the pit wall in the European LeMans Series in 2016. I remain a AVTECH Sweden AB Board member and will be continuing to support various efforts in Aviation.

President and founder of AVTECH. Lars has for the past fifteen years been involved in developing the trajectory based ATM system and is now deeply involved in the deployment in Australia, Europe, Middle East and the US. Lars has twenty years of experience as airline pilot, test and development pilot, accidents investigator as well as from management positions.

Stanley Dickens

Team Manager Spyder

Stanley has a solid career as a professional race car driver. Most of his success was accomplished in the 80s and 90s with titles as European Champion, Japanese Champion and, as a crown of his career, winner of the famous Le Mans 24H with Sauber Mercedes in 1989.

Stanley was considered a top-sportscar driver for many years and worked for several of the famous Group C-teams. He took his experiences to the managing side and clinched two international championship as a team manager. This will be his role in a new challenge – the SPV Racing Le Mans-project.