"Fast is not enough"

SPV Group

The SPV Group is founded with a passion for Racing and the knowledge of successful entrepreneurship. The set business plan called for an ambitious infrastructure and investment to take the company to a level so thast it could  compete at LeMans and at the same time able to support supercar owners and brands such as Indigo, Radical and Ligier.

On the racing side the team has successfully proven its ability to run in the European LeMans Series and the Michelin LeMans Cup where it at the Red Bull Ring we claimed the only Ligier pole position of the 2017 season.

SPV Racing is expanding its operation with a Ligier LMP3 in the European LeMans Series and at least one Ligier LMP3 in the LeMans Cup with a step up to LMP 2 mid-year. Taking the team one step closer to the LeMans 24hr 2019 our original objective when the company was started.

Keeping to our original plan , with a few modifications,  the facility outside Malaga had to be expanded faster than anticipated as the team rapidly outgrew its new facility with customers on the supercar and racing side.

In 2016 SPV Racing had the offer to run two Ford Mustangs in the European Nascar series. Over the eight race weekend the team picked up eight podium finishes, a pole position and lap record.

The technology in the European Nascar cars is about as far as you can go from the Tesla Model S P100DL, The race format had similarities and it gave SPV Racing invaluable experience of running in a high level championship with two cars over a full season.


The SPV group is also involved in the Revival of the Swedish Sports car Indigo 3000R supporting the redevelopment, testing – EU and UN homologation as well as selling and supporting the sports car on the Iberian market. Building a sports car and taking it all the way through homologation to production and the market is an achievement, the next steps are likely to be as remarkable. The experience from the FIA EPCS will be of assistance when the next power source will be selected.


It is a world unique car and the support infrastructure will be at the same level with the double deck trailer developed for Honda F1 providing the best possible platform for the team and its partners. With the E-sport on side, new opportunities have opened up, the market reach has been increased and the relationships are now forever changed.


SPV group decided to become the first team signing up for the FIA EPCS with a five + twenty year agreement. The decision was clear to us of acquiring the first FIA certified Tesla Model S P100DL racecar. Ambitions are to demonstrate the car allowing partners and sponsors signing up for testing sessions during the promotion roadshow before the 2018 sxeason begins, The  board were tottaly convinced to go ahead with the investment and a new journey into the age of light.


The open media structure is not only the production of races on both E-sport and the EPCS cars which are streamed to a global market, the data from all cars then made available in real time turning it into a unique racing world


As an Investor you can invest directly in a specific area or at group level. You can also join the team using the platforms for promoting your brand with the Race and E-sport team. The Research and Development opportunities are open to partners as well as universities and R&D institutes.

We are passionate about what we do that passion combined with successful entrepreneurship will bring us forward in the new paradigm – welcome to the Age of Light