Research & Development

Research and Development is the base for progress. In some racing series are the opportunity to use R&D limited when it comes to modifying the car and car components but that doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t do R&D. SPV Racing and its founding organizations has been engaged in advanced fluid dynamic modelling with KTH – the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm Sweden on Ferrari and Venturi GT cars.

There are opportunities to join in on this journey as a young or experienced engineer pushing the envelope with the race team or on the R&D side, we will constantly be breaking new ground.

SPV Electric will be collaborating with our partners and with universities offering opportunities to work with the team on defined master and potentially PhD thesis. Year one in EPCS will be fantastic and setting the base for year two when the Tesla hard and software can be modified. New batteries, engines and software can and will come onboard. The opportunities are endless and the testing, demonstration and marketing platform is second to none in the world.