Indigo 3000R

The SPV group is also involved in the Revival of the Swedish Sports car Indigo 3000R supporting the redevelopment, testing – EU and UN homologation as well as selling and supporting the sports car on the Iberian market.

Building a sports car and taking it all the way through homologation to production and the market is an achievement, the next steps are likely to be as remarkable. The experience from the EPCS series will be of assistance when the next power source will be selected.

Everyone in the board is part of the Indigo project, Johnny is the main owner and initiator of the project I have a part and Raul a small part of the shares. The car fits perfectly for the market here on the Costa del Sol and the car accounts for much of what we stand for quality, design experience at a competitive price.

The electric drive line will come to the question is whether it will be an electric hybrid or a pure electrical.

The job is done, to produce a car that was approved for serial production, was a huge job.

The old flame was definitely closing out too early. We have revived the flame and taken the platform to the EU and now UN approval so that it can be sold worldwide

Big bet – investment that is now beginning to bear fruit, 10 cars in the “Signature” series sold 35 in the next series now defined after the new driveline, there are no more Volvo straight sexes left ..

Building a one off is quite easy, to start a production and get it for approval and the market is incredibly difficult. In Sweden – Nordic Koenigsegg is probably the only one besides Indigo …

Milestones we have passed a couple this year Roll out in Sweden June 6, presentation in Spain and test on Ascari, production start sold out Signature series. – Lifestyle product, it defines you.


Initial Market Sweden Scandinavia and Costa del Sol – Iberia Our market with an ambition to sell about 50 cars a year to the right buyer. We choose to be selective about the buyers whom we like to create a relationship to, we believe in a personal relationship to know how the car feels and performs during its lifetime, where our customers give us constant feedback. A developmental relationship sort of speak.


Pure horse power is a reflection of a legacy from its beginning which is seen on the logo but we do not choose to mirror so much power without producing a car that is really good to drive but also has a good balance. Certainly there are some US influences in it, but most English and Swedish influences are most likely, how would a modern Austin Healey 3000 look like today? It was the entry value of the design process from the original design in 1994. Now there are some Volvo P 1800 designs in the car, front mm. The hood looks pretty American now and the strips go back to AC Cobra.


The Indigo club was formed on September 5, 1998 at Rosersberg Castle outside Stockholm in conjunction with the Automobil Classic Cars car show.

The purpose of the club is to primarily be a forum for all Indigo owners. In the club, experience and good advice can be exchanged and joint activities organized.

As a part of showing the car for interested, the club aims at representing one or more cars at each major car event.

Do you own an Indigo but are not included in the club? Consult the board.