"Great things takes time"

Investment Relations

As an investor you can become involved in many facets of the SPV Group using the platform that we have built to take us forward into new dimensions with SPV Electric and SPV Racing in EPCS and LeMans series.

With the Electrical paradigm that now is here, motorsport becomes relevant again pushing the boundaries, spearheading innovation and driving technology and the future forward. Working together with partners and investors will be the key to success in this the “Age of Light”.

Motorsport is fantastic in that you see the results of teamwork, driver skills and technology instantaneously.  In a normal company it takes years to see the consequences, in motorsport it is instantaneous.

If the tools are wrong, if the training isn’t optimized for the tasks or the technology isn’t level isn’t there it is clearly visible. The opposite is true as well, great teamwork, heroic drives, smart strategies implemented boldly is what brings out the passion for the Sport.

You can share the passion with us creating value, bringing technology forward shaping the future

Invest in the future