"Passion for racing"

Who we are

SPV RACING – Was born through an alliance between Spirit Racing by the AVTECH founder and SPV Motorsport, with a vision of building a race team at the highest level of endurance racing.

Our vision and target of the five year project is not only to be on the grid of Le Mans 24H by 2019 with an electric car, but to shift in the paradigm of renewal fuel and electric power and to embrace esport racing. SPV RACING will become the first racing team in the world to have engagement throughout different racing series and crossover platforms and introduce esports drivers into its organisation. A collaboration to join and integrate with the EPCS esport concept to become hundred percent sustainable and intensify their “Passion for Racing”.

TheEuropean LeMans Series and Michelin LeMans Cup are SPV Racing prime LMP endurance series 2018 and the ACO run series are excellent platforms for expanding to LeMans 24H and WEC.

Creventic 24H and VdeV will be our secondary series in2018, where we will be running both Ligier LMP3 and Radical SR3RS, at entry level on the endurance path.

In collaboration with Ligier and the Ascari Race Resort SPV Racing will offer LMP3 and LMP2 test opportunities starting early in2018 at Ascari and other high profile venues in Spain and Portugal.