SPV - Racing

The European LeMans Series and the Michelin LeMans Cup are SPV Racing prime LMP endurance series for 2018. The ACO run series are also excellent platforms for expanding to LeMans 24H and WEC.

Creventic 24H and VdeV will be our secondary series in 2018, where we will be running both a Ligier LMP3 and Radical SR3RS, as our entry level on the endurance path.

In collaboration with Ligier and Ascari Race Resort SPV Racing will offer LMP3 and LMP2 test opportunities starting early in 2018 at Ascari and other high profile venues in Spain and Portugal.

With a new infrastructure at SPV Racing in Costa del Sol and on the road, including our facility outside Malaga which has been expanded to 1.250 m2 which now features a simulation centre and the Mulsanne Motorsport Art gallery and lounge.

In the pits we are upgrading our look and comfort level with the former Honda F1 – Jenson Button double decker trailer that is joining the mobile infrastructure, increasing capacity and comfort for drivers, team and our guests.

The Mulsanne Club is expanding and offering to our partners unique experiences in the world of motorsport including, LeMans 24H, F1 in Monaco and the classic Mille Miglia event to name a few.

Together we will be working on elevating the performance and the experience of all our drivers and partners,  providing a unique experience all year round –now is the time to join the SPV Racing family.