Ligier JS P3

The Ligier JS P3 takes full advantage of its lineage to the Ligier JS P2, in terms of its design and aerodynamics ones that are dictated by efficiency.

Driver comfort was at the very heart of the design and development of the Ligier JS P3. It has a large cockpit one provides plenty of room around the driver’s chest and legs. It’s has an  adjustable pedal box, allowing movement in three different positions, this allows it to accommodate small drivers (1.60 m, 60 kg) as well as larger drivers (1.95m, 110 kg) in total safety. Particular attention has been paid to the ventilation system for the cockpit and the driver.

Cockpit adapted to all sizes
Comfortable driving position
Optimised ventilation of the cockpit and the driver
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SPV Racing car ligier lmp 3