"There is no spoon"


It is a world unique car and the support infrastructure will be at the same level with the double deck trailer developed for Honda F1 providing the best possible platform for the team and partners. With the E-sport on side, new opportunities are opened up, the market reach is more than exponentially increased and the relationships are forever changed.

Open challenge

We’ll launch an open championship were gamers can download the fabulous Assetto Corsa version of an eccentric track we chosen to achieve the best lap time. From there to become a professional driver to any of the teams sponsors and travel around the world with us during the season 2018. In combination with two fully supercharged Tesla in each team performing 0-62 mph in 2 seconds with 720hp to win the series of extreme gaming.

Here is where our eSport racing story begins

Team manager

A unique brand experience crossover platforms evolves all drivers from each team from reality to virtuality exploring esport racing enabling exceptional interactivity with audience around the world. With an experienced infrastructure and team manager Lars W Lindberg can assure partners a winning spirit team for the FIA EPCS – Season 2018 competing in 8 european countries.

For the eSport investment we partnered with New Motor Media an internet based business engaged in motorsports entertainment, gaming and social media with its sub-division The Underdogs, a Dutch and Swedish company conceptualizing technology for increasing the UX for sponsors within eSports, online, onsite and mobile distribution.

The Simulator

Extreme simulator with 4 moving axes, capable of exerting forces over 2G, all commands and systems are professional and high flying performance to transmit to the pilot the acceleration, braking, weight transfer and loss of traction of vehicle that manage to simulate the thrust to the pilot in the curves with sophisticated movements through electric shock absorbers.

To improve the experience the simulator is compatible with virtual reality glasses that achieve a total immersion and make this experience unique.

Tech Specs

Motion system with 4 movement axes
PRO steering wheel and pedals
Forces greater than 2G
Visual system with 3 screens of 27 ”
Sequential and shifting gears
Option (VR) Virtual Reality