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There is a difference of knowing the path and walking the path

The first Tesla Model S P100DL in the world modified to a race car will be delivered to the firm by mid January 2018. SPV Racing will be pioneering and pushing the Electric Racing envelope with our engineers, test drivers and mechanics to its limits for future development.  

With EPCS the Age of Light arrives – 2018 SPV Racing will be one of the ten teams in the FIA EPCS, in total 20Tesla model S P100DL, 778 hp and 0 – 100 in 2,1 sec. This is the first real step toward truly sustainable – solar powered motorsport with production cars. SPV Racing has signed for a five year license with a twenty year option.

Now Electric high performance technology providers will face off and push the technological envelope making motorsport very relevant. First year it is the best performing production car that is the baseline the Tesla model S P100DL. Year two new batteries, engines and ECU’s will come in from different suppliers and year three we will see new high performance cars coming in.

How to get engaged if you are a professional driver join us for a test, if you want to be a professional driver join the E-sport path toward the E- Academy were the winners will race with SPV Racing in FIA EPCS.
The new paradigm is here and one day in a not to distant future we hope to combine SPV Racing two paths racing electrically and endurance racing, hopefully in LeMans 24H – join the SPV Racing family

Here is where your racing history begins

Team manager

A unique brand experience crossover platforms evolves all drivers from each team from reality to virtuality exploring esport racing enabling exceptional interactivity with audience around the world. With an experienced infrastructure and team manager Lars W Lindberg can assure partners a winning spirit team for the EPCS – Season 2018 competing in 8 european countries.

The drivers

As it requires skills to drive a beast with an effect so high as the Tesla´s, the former three times FIA GT World Champion and 24 HRS Le Mans winner, Stephane Ortelli said :

It is all about a big fighting in the big competitions, I am a bit shocked and I couldn’t believe it. I was expecting to drive an electric car, but this is a true racing car.


As title sponsor your brand will be the headliner in all communication, including on the appearances of the car with special designed chassis of natural composite from the innovative startup Bcomp to illuminate your logotype as part of the “Age of Light” racing.

Do not forget that the same design will appear in the gaming version of the “Season 2018” as on the drivers outfits for your brand to become immortal within racing history.

Side exposure covers more than 40 percent of the car lightning up your brand in the evening race which is the second part of the race.

For the drone exposure at the circuit and its camera followed by millions of viewers to easily define the team the fans are following.

As a fact, to run a team with two cars like this with an additionally version for the team sponsors events has an initial cost between €500 000 –  € 3,3 M depending on the interactivity of the brands involved and the online presence included of course.

There is a lot more to it, that we can work out together in order to make your brand experience unique and driving new visitors for you.

  • Exposure in the game.
  • Exposure on the car.
  • Exposure on the drivers.
  • Exposure on site, online and mobile.
  • Exposure with interaction on team page and ranking lists.
  • Exposure as advertising slots on streaming.


  • 304M Total Online streaming viewers
  • 253M Viewing Audience
  • 690M TV News Views
  • 3.3B Total Audience
  • 185K Total Race day Attendance
  • 16 Driver Nationalities
  • 7300 TV broadcast hours